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Wright's novel is shaped to a certain extent by his own experiences with the Communist Party of the U. This passage from Native Son illustrating Mary's curiosity is important for her as well as for the reader it seems.

Wright's novel is shaped to a certain extent by his own experiences with the Communist Party of the U. This passage from Native Son illustrating Mary's curiosity is important for her as well as for the reader it seems.S., first in Chicago and then in Harlem (Grinnell 145), but whatever commitment to the Party Wright may have felt in the early 1930s is hardened at the end of the decade by his depiction of the nightmare of Bigger Thomas' life (145). It is a way for the reader to also confirm that African-Americans are human.

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At one point in Native Son, Jan and Mary insist that Bigger show them life on the South Side of Chicago.

For Wright, how a person speaks and how a person lives may be that which "most irreducibly separates white communists from their black comrades' (Grinnell 161).

Bigger's loathing has completely colored his sense of morality, which is what Marx stated happens when a capitalist society alienates people.

Despite the fact that Bigger has killed the woman Jan loved, Jan decides to help Bigger after he is arrested by introducing him to his Communist lawyer friend, Boris Max.

For in writing Native Son Wright imagines a Communism in the United States that quite capable reproduces processes of social dehumanization that exile Bigger into the shadowy role of what Wright once ironically referred to as 'the Negro's uncertain position in America' (Grinnell 145). The way that Wright italicizes "human" suggests that there is some uncertainty about what that actually means.

The very first notion of communist ideology in Native Son is brought to light when we meet Jan Erlone, the lover of Mary Dalton, who works for the Labor Defender office and who also happens to be white. Never in my life have I been inside of a Negro home. "Whether Bigger is imagined by Communism to be a living corpse, ghost, or a worker, the question remains, is he human? Jan and Mary treat Bigger just as they would any friend, regardless of the fact that Bigger is black and refuses to allow Bigger to say "yessuh" to them, which shocks Bigger in a way that confounds him rather than pleases him.Though Bigger's conviction seems certain given the historical weight of those charges and contemporary practices of legal-lynching (Grinnell 145), there is quite significant importance given to Bigger's trial."…Max offers an impassioned and complexly rendered portrayal of racial discrimination in the United States.Marxist Criticism "Native Son" A Marxist Interpretation of Richard Wright's Native Son In Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, it is stated that history is a series of class struggles over the means of production.That is to say that whoever controls the means of production also controls society and is able to force their beliefs onto the lower class.They are pushed into crowded housing that is over-priced and is substandard.They are given jobs that last for little time and they pay very little so they have no way of making a good living or living in a place that is not substandard.Wright speaks of ghosts when discussing the trials in Native Son.In the conclusion of his defense of Bigger, Max attempts to understand those 'disembodied spirits' (Wright 366) like Bigger and Bessie by "employing rhetoric of ghosts…He sees Jan and Mary and their actions as being a bit crazy.His confusion and unease with Jan and Mary's benevolence quickly turns to feelings of anger and intense loathing for them.


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