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Also, according to American Obese Association, overweight people have the high risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

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If the person has poor eating habits and low physical activities, more consequently that person would become overweight.

Sedentary lifestyle can also contribute for being overweight.

There is a notion that people who are overweight are lazy but doctors say that being overweight can be cause by genetic factor.

The family poor eating habits may also one of the reasons. There are some people that have faster metabolism and some are not.

In fact, health advisories are seen giving speeches on obesity and advising people what should be eaten and what should not be eaten.

If you are also grappling with the same condition or need some awareness on this subject, then our short speeches on obesity as well as long speeches on obesity can give you a comprehensive view and help you gain an insight into the topic. However, to put it in precise terms, it is characterized by the Body Mass Index or BMI, which is a general formula that draws a comparison between height and weight in order to estimate the amount of fat present in one’s body.

Because of technology which we say "makes our lives easier", we are now lacking physical exercises because we tend to get more time in front of televisions and computers.

Pregnancy could also be a cause of being overweight. Crash diets can also contribute to gain excessive weight.

The problem of obesity has to do a lot with our sedentary lifestyle and of course our eating habits.

The number of calories intake suggested for men is three thousand five hundred whereas for women it’s two thousand calories.


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