Essay On Causes And Effects Of Load Shedding

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Load shedding won’t take place overnight or on Sundays.**If you live in an Eskom-supplied area in Johannesburg, you’ll be in for a 4-hour cut once every 4 days.Cape Town - Crisis-prone South Africa is wobbling towards a major one over the festive season as load shedding threatens to put a damper on Christmas cheer.

The utility has been very careful so far to prevent the country from reaching this point of no return; load shedding is one of the tools being used to protect South Africa from a national blackout.

If the national power grid were to collapse it could take at least one week – and as many as three – to get it back up and running, meaning that South Africans could be without power for a prolonged period of time.

Stage 3 involves double the amount of load shedding planned in Stage 2.

Your area is likely to be hit by 2.5-hour blackouts up to three times a day.

If the Eskom supply emergency cannot be resolved soon, an urgent top-level meeting between the government and business will be necessary to see what other mitigating policies and measures can be implemented.” According to Eskom, Stage 2 load shedding calls for 2000 megawatts to be rotationally load shed nationally at a given period.

“Load shedding is conducted rotationally as a last resort to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout," the power utility said.

"Load shedding also means that Eskom will sell less electricity and that will mean less revenue to pay the interest on its huge debts.

The main problem for business is that load shedding introduces new uncertainties. It is becoming clearer every day that Eskom is in bad shape and it is increasingly difficult to have confidence in the organisation, which is surely headed for major structural changes, if not downsizing.” Outa portfolio manager for Energy Ronald Chauke said Eskom's woes were due to challenges embedded in its business model.

Power cuts are inconvenient and frustrating but compared to the worst case scenario that load shedding is designed to prevent, the rolling blackouts that we have to contend with are child’s play.

If load shedding fails to protect the national power grid, South Africa runs the risk of a complete national blackout.


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