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For example, the two cities are important cities in the history.Because both cities have ownership for ancient civilizations.

For example, the two cities are important cities in the history.Because both cities have ownership for ancient civilizations.

Istanbul's population is approximately 13 million, and it is the most crowded city of Turkey, whereas Trabzon's population is approximately 750 thousand.

Istanbul takes the migration due to industry and Finally difference between Istanbul and Trabzon is their social lives.

Though a house provides a large spacious area to move around but living in an apartment enhances more social interaction and adds more excitement to life. Which is the better method of learning out of the two? Distance education is gaining popularity day by day and more students are enrolling through distance mode than full-time course in colleges.

Make comparison of distance education and full-time course to find which is better and why. A growing number of people own personal vehicle as they find it a convenient mode of transport in comparison to public transport.

The social life in Istanbul is fast and the opportunities are very high, but the social life in Trabzon is stagnant and the opportunities are not much.

In Istanbul the level of living is higher than Trabzon.The first difference between Istanbul and Trabzon is their climates.In Istanbul dominates a temperate climate, that is, it has hot and dry summers, rainy and warm winters.However, some people disagree with this opinion and instead prefer to live in an apartment.This essay makes comparison of the two and chooses the most preferred option.Compare the public and private mode of transportation and state which is better out of the two.Well we have learnt quite a few things today about the IELTS writing task 2 and frankly speaking you will surely find it easier when writing, compare and contrast essay in the future.Moreover, various facilities as well as amenities are available nearby including shopping mall, tuition centre, medical store, bus station and so on.On the other hand, living in an owned house does not offer the facilities that one can avail while living in an apartment.An apartment is a part of large building giving a feel of living in a small societal association which takes responsibility of any fix or repair or maintenance required.For example, if one needs to repair the roof, the maintenance charges are borne by the landlord.


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