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Scott Fitzgerald, he demonstrates the humanly characteristics of his characters by giving them dreams and obstacles they must pass to reach their dreams. In the story Gatsby has a dream that we are very well affiliated...

Scott Fitzgerald, he demonstrates the humanly characteristics of his characters by giving them dreams and obstacles they must pass to reach their dreams. In the story Gatsby has a dream that we are very well affiliated...

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This is true in human society and even in the fiction novels written; this aspect in life that we must struggle to gain our goals is so fundamentally laid down in our culture as people that we include it as a basic human trait.

In the novel The Great Gatsby, written by profound author F.

Many different people have many different dreams, each differing in concepts such things as a dream to have world peace or a dream that is widely shared with people like getting into a respected institute after high school.

Yet even though these dreams differ in size and complexity each has their own set of hurdles PER SE that you must get over to reach your dream what ever it maybe.

I felt something, or was moved by something and then needed to share my opinion of what I felt. My coffee was burnt, the banks close at 4pm and I should really look into getting my teeth whitened.”We are so quick to encourage children to play creatively and tell them of the endless possibilities and potentials for their lives, why is it we stop doing this for other adults, or even ourselves? Or do we quickly give up on that project and run to another in a continuous cycle? The not quite knowing what the dream will grow to be?

And not by just so, but with music, colour, tap shoes, and by the social and artistic fellowship shared between the performers and the audience. I have thought, and still do sometimes, that I am so tired of ‘character-building’ obstacles and why can’t we just be handed our dreams. Fear of judgment, both from others and from ourselves, is so ingrained in most of us that we’ve forgotten to be open. [pull_left]Fear gets us stuck between dreams and reality[/pull_left]I know I personally am much more free and silly and creative when I am mucking around with Henry, our dog. I think that is what it is to live with authenticity.Watching Phillip Quast and Anthony Warlow pouring their hearts out on stage in (still) one of the most beautiful duets I have ever heard, I can actually say changed my life. I think my twelve year old self would be proud and would understand the battle fear continually gives me, gives many of us. I wanted to be an actor, a singer, a dancer, an artist, a writer…whatever! We grow up; play becomes guarded, innocent acts of sharing ideas are now judged and rated and worst of all, creativity is stunted by fear. So there it is: my stream of consciousness hidden slightly behind existential ideals. I believed the value of the message warranted the effort of imaginative and dramatic display. I stamp my feet and think, “Haven’t I been through enough? Why do others seem to have their dreams become reality? Any wildness or ingenuity of thought we have is quickly halted by our inclination to edit every thought, so that we fall back onto the most conservative or safe option in order to minimise any potential consequence of putting such thoughts/projects/performances out in the world. We end up living an inauthentic life where we quash what makes us unique. For me, trusting myself and pursuing the dream means telling stories through performance. Naomi is an actor, musician, composer and first time mother.There was nothing that would hinder these missions.. That inherent desire to be accepted is so profoundly human. Yes, you’ll be glad to know – though it was a long road and it continues to be (as dreams go on and on) – reality follows close behind, giving me the chance to create and share stories with people, from the stage and from this here computer-machine-thingy, travelling the country and the world, experiencing other cultures as I do so. She is a WAAPA graduate but only after a detour via an arts degree where she majored in Theoretical Performance Study and Psychology.I called out to her louder but still she didn’t respond.That’s when I noticed the faraway look on her face.For example in my life, my summer, school and driving.Well this is what I dreamed my summer would be like; I thought that I would have tons and tons of fun.Her eyes were glazed over and her face had a blank stare.She didn’t turn back; she just kept walking straight towards the door. I remember not being able to do anything but stare at Non-REM sleep is early in the night and is a deep, dreamless state of sleep. Sleepwalking can occur at any age, but it happens most often in children ages 5 - 12. Several experts theorize that the development of sleepwalking in childhood is due to a delay in maturation.


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