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On the other hand, the elements pay, supervision, benefits, management, and working conditions cause dissatisfaction, and are called hygiene factors or dissatisfiers.

These elements derive from the extrinsic content of the job (ibid).

In other words, motivation can be regarded as an internal state (emotion and attitude) that is only controlled by the individuals; so if the managers wanted to improve and encourage better employee performance, they should foster conditions that would support and arouse motivation in their employees (Kelechi and Temitayo, 2013; Jones, 2005; Antony and Mac Vicar, 2011; Banks, 1997 cited in Beel, 2007).

This essay will explore the feasibility of motivational theory, such as Herzberg’s two-factor theory, Maslow’s hierarchy theory, and Vroom’s expectancy theory, in the cases of Siemens, Hunter Library, and Officer Agency respectively.

He enrolled at the City College of New York in 1939. Herzberg started his research on organizations in the 1950s.

He did not finish his studies as he enlisted in the army. He finally finished his studies and graduated from the City College of New York in 1946. He worked at the University of Utah, where he remained until he retired.

At the same time, motivators could also be found in Siemens management practice.

For example, Siemens provide opportunities for its staff, through training and development, to obtain career progress and recognition from managers (The Times 100, 2015).

" had sold 1.2 million reprints by 1987 and was the most requested article from the Harvard Business Review.

Herzberg was born in 1923 in Lynn, Massachusetts, to Gertrude and Lewis Herzberg, who were Lithuanian immigrants.


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