Essay On Money In Simple English

Two categories we have defined here for essays, one is “Long Essay on Time is Money” and other is “Short Essay on Time is money”.In this category, three small time is money essays are given with words count of 100, 200 and 300.

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If we still not understand the value of time we will not be able to get any kind of success in life.

Thus we should all respect the value of time and also teach our new generations to do the same.

Habit of understanding the importance and live the time oriented life style for new generation should be introduced in them since their childhood.

This good habit of taking time seriously is as important as any other thing that is necessary for living.

“Time is money” or also we can say that time is priceless and precious.

Time can be used for earning money and we can actually do it but on the other side, we cannot use money to get our lost time back.We cannot deny the importance of time as many great legends with time punctuality has done better in their life and set an example in front of us. Time can bring all things in life but nothing can bring time back in our life.Time is like those running rivers that does not stop or flow in back direction; they just flow and flow ahead.A person who respect the value of time can get the desired success in his or her life but if does not understand the value of it can also destroy his or her life completely.Time is precious and priceless for those who have experienced the good or bad effects of it in their life.If we manage our work without wasting too much time then we can easily find the positive results in our life very soon.Time is Money, Time is priceless and Time is precious, all the taglines are almost with the same meaning.Overall, time refers as that unstoppable thing which just runs and runs and can never wait and comes back for anyone.Time neither can be purchased nor can be stored, you just have to live your life according to always running time with better use of it.Apart from this, various other purposes of students can be solved by using long essays on “Time is Money”: “Time is money” means by using time in an efficient manner we can get money and by wasting it we can lose the opportunity of earning money.Destiny of a person is not predictable and we never know that when a good opportunity comes to us, it just depends on us how we use time.


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