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Denying the mother tongue not only holds back the community from growth and development, rather it also makes you weak emotionally and mentally.Language is tightly bound to your culture and the identity too, losing it, ought not be the case at all.It is an another language like any other language in the world with huge heritage and culture.

It doesn’t include stats of the Eastern Punjabi[pan] (Gurmukhi) .

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Being a Sikh — Identify in Millions with ease , Immigrant and a Minority gives me a-lot more of that pies. My Mother tongue means a lot to me, If I don’t speak in a day or two I start feeling exhausted and empty .

First time when I went out of Punjab, I start missing something and my ‘original’ me was not there, I struggled a lot to identify however was no success, until I met a few folks, from Pakistan who speak Punjabi, their Mother tongue. Which could lead to un-wanted anxiety and stressed face.Here are their statistics towards the most spoken languages in the world .Punjabi, which is 10th most spoken language in the world with more than 88.7 million speakers in the Pakistan ( census 1998 had 58.5 million native speakers and in 2008 it reaches to 76.3 million, 44.17%, however decreased since 1951 from 57.08%). 4th most spoken language in UK having 1.3 millions speakers and third most spoken language with around 0.5 million speakers in Canada If we talk only about Pakistan and India origin, Pakistan statistics are far larger than India, Having more than 88.7 millions speakers, however, it’s still not a First language of Pakistan (urdu is the national language with only 8% of people speaks as their first language compared to Punjabi (44.17%)).Activists and well-wisher should step in to promote the language and minimize the mental barriers, especially in India.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.We all concerned when it came to the mother tongue (First Language) as it is tightly coupled with your heart, mind and intellect.You can’t deny your mother tongue or you lose your roots.Community needs to ponder more on the survival, it’s fill with barriers and biased-ness, it’s not spontaneous, it’s a realization and responsibility, which needs hard work and life-long commitment from the community/family.Parents should implement the home policy and continues effort to help their children develop the literacy skills.I was bit doubtful at first with these statistics as Punjabi is dying very fast in both the regions.I then approached these organization to find out more about the Punjabi.


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