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Roberto Mangabeira Unger (born 24 March 1947) is a philosopher and politician.He has written notable works including Politics: A Work In Constructive Social Theory and The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time.One believes that an accurate assessment of one’s personality should include both strengths and weaknesses to enable one to capitalize on the strengths and aim to address the weaknesses. For instance, it is used to assess employment aspirants for stressful jobs or jobs that may require skillful... which aim at the development of happiness has a great value n my life.

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The interviews aid in understanding an individual in terms of mannerism, objectivity and aspects of critical thinking.

I will examine literature and attempt to draw conclusions on the relationship between personality traits, personality types (particularly or especially intelligence and sensation-seeking personality) and their bearing on resilience to PTSD symptoms after exposure to ground combat or civilian-sector traumatic events).

PTSD is not only rooted in personality factors and I make clear this point in the course of discussion.

While some of my personality traits are inherent, others have developed in me over time due to my upbringing and socialization process. Conclusion: Happiness is a state of being that every human being wishes to enjoy and there are several aspects of life which contribute to the happiness of different people. Among all these, the personality traits of an individual have greater relevance in the enjoyment of happiness... We all possess singular points of view and act accordingly.

The family and religious background, schooling and peers have in one way or another contributed to some of the personality......THE THEMATIC APPERCEPTION TEST A. My personal motto has always been to look at life from the bright side, and I believe my main personal characteristics portray this ability perfectly.


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