Essay On Sexual Harassment In College And At Workplace

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This however, would change completely in the year 1980 when EEOC issued guidelines declaring the move as a breach of Title VII (Section 703).

Currently, sexual harassment is increasingly becoming common in many workplaces and this comes with adverse consequences which can deal a real blow on economies and human integrity in the society.

Some of the things such as promotions, privileges at work, or even money compensations.

Even though the more uncommon of the two types of sexual harassment, quid pro quo is actually the easiest to prove (Richman and Rospenda, 1999).

Some of the most vital steps that should be taken by victims of this vice is to collect enough proof, where possible and seek immediate help from sexual harassment specialists.

Sexual harassment is really becoming a major obstacle to economical development of most countries in the world.People of the same gender, who are in groups, would often tend to behave in totally different manner from how they would independently when they come across a person of the opposite sex.Another major cause of harassment is lack of company policy whereby some organizations lack complaint and disciplinary policies to address issues of harassment in their units.Unlike the ‘quid pro quo’ which is limited to sexual acts, this type of sexual harassment extends to other levels such as unwelcome physical or extreme verbal sexual behavior (Paul, 1990).In most cases, this type of harassment is executed by an individual to another individual belonging to a different gender.However, according to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) the term is simply taken to refer to any unwelcomed conduct that would be of a sexual nature.Generally, sexual harassments in workplaces can be triggered by a number of things which include, requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, and other physical or verbal intimidation associated with sexuality.As it would be observed, this type of sexual harassment is the most easier to understand.The term ‘quid pro quo’ is a Latin expression which means ‘something for something’ and this can refer to situations where employers or other people in authority would ask for sexual favors from their subordinates, in return to various other benefits.In cases whereby perpetrators are left to go unpunished of sexual harassment behaviors, they would carry on this pattern and continue causing harassment to their colleagues at work.Other effective causes of sexual harassment in organizations would include power moral values, cultural differences and power games.


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