Essay On The Secret Of Destiny

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However, I wasn't 100% sure why these particular essays were put together in this collection.I wanted there to be a larger anchor or theme or poin I love Richard Russo, and I loved some of these essays.

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I enjoyed all of them, and, of course, his trademark humor shines through. In addition to reading more poetry, I'm trying to read more essays. I felt like I was in his classroom, which is what I wanted from the book.

This fiction and nonfiction stranglehold makes too much the cookie-cutter readers of us, no? I even felt like giving omniscient a test drive--in poetry, yet!

This intimacy really fit in with Russo's reading and question/answer session. Russo's essays explore the absolute hard work required to really be a writer, successful or not.

He frequently cites the "ten thousand hour" rule; in other words, one must practice, practice, practice.

But, talent is only one element that is required to be successful. And, today's up-and-coming authors have far less support from traditional sources like publishing houses.

Essay On The Secret Of Destiny

He is somewhat critical of the concept of self-publishing, mainly because he perceives that the business of being a writer/publisher interferes with the focus of being a writer.

This intimacy really fit in with Russo's reading and question/answer session.

He was at tim Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Russo offers his take on writing, life, opportunity, and family in The Destiny Thief: Essays on Writing, Writers and Life.

I was particularly intrigued by Russo's writing about finding humor in everyday life and then sharing that humor.

That strikes me as important for writers but also for readers. offensive and then deciding how to react seems to be one of our social hurdles these days.


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