Essay On Trees Are Precious

Essay On Trees Are Precious-2
To know the issues related to reducing the number of plants on earth, we should encourage people to participate heavily in such types of events.We should always be active and open our eyes to Earth's green gold existence.

Trees are the earth's most precious and important source of life.

They are very critical of the earth's healthy and vibrant communities.

Trees are the earth's source of rain as they attract clouds that ultimately bring rain.

They also help to control soil erosion and prevent pollution by keeping the environment fresh.

We should not engage in tree cutting and always oppose tree cutting and forest cutting.

Especially in the human crowded and polluted area, we should always participate in the tree plantation activities.

Plants protect us against many natural disasters and in many ways nourish our lives.

They keep our environment clean and so we are responsible for them as well and try our best to protect trees.

They are the home of wildlife and the source of forest wildlife.

By filtering sewage and chemicals, they clean soil, control noise pollution, air pollution, decrease flash flooding, etc.


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