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So, you’ve just been called in for your very first interview. After the happy dance ends, you may start to get a little worried about not knowing what to do. So, take a deep breath and let us walk you through it.

This week we’re going to focus on the job interview question, “Why should we hire you?

In today's job market (2019), employers reportedly find candidates who are a 50 percent "fit" with the job's specifications to be acceptable, although they prefer candidates who exceed the requirements.

The best strategy is to analyze the job and your fit with it before applying.

Things like school activities, sports, volunteer work and odd jobs are all great examples to mention.

Here’s an example of what you should be telling them:“I am a very motivated worker and a fast learner.

Hiring a New Employee “A company is only as good as the employees who work for It.” Seems to be the slogan driving most employers in today’s marketplace.

Your employees are a direct reflection of your company and in many industries, may actually be considered the product.

” If this question comes up in your interview, chances are it is one of the last questions you will get asked.

So, this may be your last chance to prove to the employer that you are their best option for the position.


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