Essay On Why Schools Should Not Have Uniforms

Essay On Why Schools Should Not Have Uniforms-70
Exactly the way we are proud to be an Indian, the same way even after 50 years of school life one identifies himself with his school, his juniors and seniors.Every uniformed student feels that his school uniform gives him an edge over others.It helps the school officials to recognize their student much faster in case of any emergency.

School uniforms flashes out most of the drops of social conflicts.

As school makes our fundamental basics of future it is extremely important to make one feel as a part of the school.

Firstly, school is the place where all of us step in at a very tender age. It's not just education but school gives us the platform to nurture our faith, emotions in such an early stage of life.

The importance of making friends, working as a team- we learn all these in school.

Peer pressure gets easier to tackle with the inclusion of a school uniform.

A student can always get to wear the dress of his/her choice outside the school so what's wrong in wearing uniform in the school!

This in turn creates a huge impact on reducing violence in the schools.

A school uniform brings stability in a school student's day to day life which lately provides the proper and right direction for a bright future.

Another valid point comes up while discussing the advantages of school uniform is school children pass through two most important transition periods of life in school- they spend 12 long years in school- from childhood to teenage, from teenage to youth- the school witness the changes ( both physical and mental) occur within one.

During these transitions someone hardly cares about the world.


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