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The essay topics in this lesson will help focus your students' attention on the complex character of Viola and what she means within this play.Sometimes, when students read Shakespeare, it can be a great idea to help them do external research related to a play.This lesson offers essay topics that will help you think about self-love in this play.

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This lesson is designed for teachers in search of essay topics to use with secondary English students.

The essay topics in this lesson will cover the theme of justice in William Shakespeare's ~'King Lear.~' Blindness is one of the most important themes in Shakespeare's ~'King Lear~', and it can be difficult to understand.

This lesson provides essay topics that will help your students make sense of madness in this play.

Read on to discover essay topics that'll unlock your students thinking and interpretation of William Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra.' This a complex play that goes well beyond just retelling a historical romantic story.

This lesson offers general essay topics that will help your students get as much as possible out of the play.

Shakespeare's 'King Lear' is a tragedy that deals with complex themes about family, revenge, and envy.~'King Lear~' is one of Shakespeare's most important tragedies, and analyzing it on a literary level can be very meaningful to students.This lesson offers essay topics focusing on the use of symbolism in the play.The following essay topics explore the main themes in the play and allow students to incorporate their own opinions and rationales into studying this play.A Midsummer Night's Dream can be a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare for many students.These lessons provide you with a host of ideas for writing prompts.You can assign essays based on a wide range of topics suggested by the plays, such as appearance vs.If your students are interested in disguise as a literary theme, Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' is a wonderful play to work with.This lesson offers essay topics related to disguise in 'Twelfth Night.' If your students are reading ~'Twelfth Night~', by William Shakespeare, you have a wonderful opportunity to teach them about literary comedy.This lesson offers essay topics that will help your students develop their own theories about feminism in this Shakespearean work.He's a villainous hunchback who schemes his way to the throne of England.


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