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“I’m grateful for your wherewithal,” the editor later told my first scholarly book during a strange Easter weekend I spent in Cambridge, England. Their explanation of what they wanted instead made me uncomfortable. Notwithstanding the voluminous train of profiles, reviews, and scholarly analysis that she drags behind her, she’s difficult to write about.And they didn’t explain anything to white people.” In the other clip, Morrison is asked whether she’ll ever incorporate white lives into her novels.

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To be straightforward would defeat the purpose of this insistent questioning, which is, she has said, an “egalitarianism that places us all (reader, the novel’s population, the narrator’s voice) on the same footing.” Morrison’s democratic bent doesn’t pander, however.

She doesn’t condescend to your level but challenges you to rise to hers: “My writing expects, demands participatory reading.” As she’s said of Faulkner: “The structure is the argument.” Morrison herself might reject this comparison.

Because you could never ask a white author, ‘When are you going to write about black people? It’s inconceivable that where I already am is the mainstream.” , Morrison tilted her head and said: “If I wanted to write about a lesbian love affair, don’t you think I would have done that?

” Asked about the black woman who has done more to popularize her work than anybody else, she chuckled: “Oprah Winfrey made me a rich woman, and that’s all I have to say about that.” I watched with a kind of gleeful terror when Morrison appeared on , which was a selection for Winfrey’s book club.

I once wrote a short story that did not identify its hero as black until halfway through.

My editor queried this: “I assumed that these characters were white.” We disagreed, then fought. Sweeping statements were made about genre and obliquity and readerly expectations.Both she and Nabokov are fascinated by Poe, for example, and flirt with melodrama, the fantastic, the Gothic.was voted in a New York Times poll the best novel of the previous 25 years—I’ve seen people spurn Morrison as obvious or undeserving, as if so much praise surely begs the question.I’m always struck by this contradiction at the core of her reputation.My British grandmother once called Yet I aspire to it.Morrison likes to say she grew up feeling “superior,” like “an aristocrat.” Her titles are soft words—, “love is a killer,” and her novels, like Nabokov’s, brim with cruelty. A man locks up a woman to perform medical experiments on her. Most people don’t realize that Toni Morrison writes horror novels.But she is more invested in genre fiction than you might imagine.I cited Toni Morrison’s short story “Recitatif,” which does not specify either of its two main characters’ racial identities.At one point, the editor wondered if I might want to “pull the story and take a kill fee and move on.” Eventually, my concession: I named some minor characters as white, a reversal of the norm.I often think the writer she has the most in common with is Vladimir Nabokov, another notoriously difficult outsider who now sits at the center of the American canon.They each evince a hauteur that isn’t defensive but inborn, and cut with a sense of humor.


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