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Krish and Ananya try hard to pacify the situation and establish a bond between the two.

However, things go out of hand and they decide to part ways.

‘My Favourite Book – A Suitable Boy’One of my all time favourite book is Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy.

The story is really lengthy but doesn’t get boring at any point.

She does not conform to the rules set by her mother and the opinion of her brother.

The difficulties she faces in the due course of the story and the way she tries to overcome them is interesting.

The social and political issues that the country was gripped with post independence have been interwoven appropriately to set the tone of the novel. This is the reason he tries to keeps him away from the Indians living in their vicinity. Harrison’s dominating attitude and rules, Rusty runs away to live with his friends. However, his happiness is short-lived as Meena dies in a car accident. After this incidence, Kishen goes to live with his aunt and Rusty is left alone. His journey took me through a roller coaster of emotions. The story moves to and fro, depicting the events occurring in the life of the twins when they were 7 years old and as they turned 31. The relationship between the characters is quite complicated.

‘My Favourite Book – The Room on the Roof’Introduction I read a lot. I keep reading books from different authors but my favourite ones are those written by the famous Indian author Ruskin Bond. Rusty, on the other hand, loves playing with his Indian friends. He starts living with his friends and becomes dependent on them for his routine needs. But soon he realizes that he cannot go on this way for long. In order to overcome the grief and start life afresh, Rusty decides to get settled in England. It is something which is being passed from generation to generation.

They begin to concentrate on their respective careers but it is hard. Finally, things take a turn for the good and they reunite.

I simply love the deep bond between Krish and Ananya. I have read it thrice and can read it over and over again.


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