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He cares much for his name and being a noble character it is easy to understand the struggle he is going through.

John daily wages an internal, war between his conscience and pride.

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John Proctor’s fatal flaw was his great amount of pride, and that slowly tied a series of unfortunate events which eventually made John Proctor succumb to his death.

John Proctor is throwing his life away for pride because he does not possess the courage to reveal his secret sin. This emphasizes that Proctor has overwhelming pride, and not even with the fear of death will he dare try to let go of it.

God cannot forgive a man who dies for pride, yet he can forgive a liar. However, Proctor cannot do this because he cannot blacken his name. As spoken by literary expert Brett Bigbie, “This pursuit of a worthy aim can be seen as Proctor’s hamartia” (page 1), Proctor indeed had obsessive pride and he sacrificed himself for cleansing his soul. Upon John Proctor’s death in The Crucible, the audience let out a wave of emotions, which also gave an increase in their self knowledge.

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This is also known as catharsis, which means purging of emotions.

However these negative emotions are washed away because the tragic hero’s death is an example of the axiom of true Puritan values.


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