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Napoleon was a powerful and influential leader from his moments in the French civil war to his years as a political leader.

His accomplishments are many, and his position as one of the great leaders of the ancient world is questionable because of his controversial military campaigns.

Because of those characteristics his power in action was unprecedented and his voice in parliament was well heard.

Napoleon's life would include over sixty battles with many successes and few failures.

The Russian campaign left Napoleon's military weak and his country demoralized.

Napoleon's empire seemed to have been falling apart as the Austrians defeated them once more and the allies took control of Paris as he went into exile for several months. The people of France were not satisfied with the new monarch so Napoleon returned from his Island to reinstate himself.It is very obvious that such a character would be a great leader.He has so many accomplishments and his passion for leadership is so strong that it almost seems like he was born to be a great soldier, ruler, and leader.Dale Davis, Civilizations in History p.386 12 Will & Ariel Durant, The age of Napoleon p.249 13 Vincent Cronin, Napoleon p.195 14 FAQs: The Code Napoleon 15 David Sylvester, Napoleon and the French Empire p.29 16 Will & Ariel Durant, The age of Napoleon p.250 17 Vincent Cronin, Napoleon p.225 18 ..more.Napoléon Bonaparte was and still is one of France’s most astounding leaders.He brought glory to France but he also brought shame.His courage, zeal, ego, and charisma make him a unique leader that all others are compared to.Their plan had worked, as the French army had been lessened by two thirds because of hunger and fatigue.Napoleon's army finally arrived in Moscow only to find a deserted city that was engulfed with flames.Upon his return from Spain, Napoleon found out that Tsar Alexander of Russia was not complying with their treaty.Alexander did not wish to continue the blockade against England because much of their trade took place with them.


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