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The same is applied to stream of consciousness, which concentrates upon human psychology and extracts the reflection of the fluctuations existing in human mind in one way or the other.Our conscious mental life flows, James states, continuously like a stream in which “the transition between the......

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Maslow would describe the humanist viewpoint as obeying to gain respect and recognition from authority.

Skinner would see obedience as a natural conditioned reaction to doing what we are told.

A person may comply with the request to work overtime at no pay in hopes of getting a promotion.

In their identification of authority model, a person may act against their better judgment if the boss orders them to take an illegal action.

The cost of punishment by law enforcement will generally get most people to abide by acceptable customs.

The need for a steady paycheck will insure that they will put their feelings aside when taken advantage of in the workplace.They may rationalize to themselves, and others, that they are being obedient in order to live up to a moral or ethical standard. Conformity and Obedience: Conformity to social norms and obedience to higher ities are values that are instilled in people right from the day they are born.There are merits attached to this practice, for elderly people (who are also usually the authority figures) have more knowledge and experience than young people and it makes sense to heed their words.Children who have been abused, neglected, or feel abandoned may withdraw and suffer from defeatism (Singer, Dornenbal, and Okma, 601).They will display obedience though it may not be for the self-interest that it appears.In a study of children by Singer, Dornenbal, and Okma, the researchers found significantly more foster children offered little or no resistance to parental authority than their birthchildren counterparts (596).Birthchildren had a much higher incidence of offering fierce resistance in a disciplinary conflict than foster children (596).Though hundreds of literary genres have quite unconsciously given birth to the variety of topics depicting the thoughts and actions of the members of society, there appeared a school, during the Modern Era of English Literature, which interlinked all human actions with some specific thoughtfulness. Milgram and Destructive Obedience Submitted by: Submitted Introduction The Holocaust is the term used to describe the planned and executed extermination of Jews from all German controlled and influenced territories.This tragic event in the history of mankind saw the death of a staggering six-million European Jews during World War II staged by the National Socialist party headed by Adolf Hitler.In the case of the foster children, the researchers noted that, "Their main goal is unilateral-self-saving [...] Their main interests are fear of punishment and a feeling of powerlessness" (601).The birthchildren that were offering intense rebellion were said to have, " [...] unilateral coercive goals to get their own way" (594).


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