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(Walsh et al, 2000) It is of particular significance society attributes to these differences by defining people and their roles on the basis of differences that individual groups experience oppression and marginalisation, as the power, status and opportunities people have in society are affected by how society defines them.The roles and expectations society applies to different categories of people is absorbed on a cultural level within society, creating common values about what is right, what is ‘normal’. In our society those most likely to achieve success are able bodied, white, middle class, heterosexual males they will therefore be the group who occupy the most powerful positions in society and as such reap the benefits and rewards of a capitalist society, monetary wealth and the benefits that it brings.A lot of people think that people with a disability aren’t going to find a job, but in reality how many people have you seen working in stores that have a disability.

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The young man asked to see the manager, we saw that he walked a little crippled, and the next customer asked for a work application and the young lady didn’t hesitate to get him the application.My Mom got furious I could’ve swear that her hair was sticking up.My mom quickly headed to the lady in the customer service and started telling her that just because he had a…Thompson (1993, p19) states that: "P refers to the personal or psychological; it is the individual level thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions.It also refers to practice, individual workers interacting with individual clients, and prejudice, the inflexibility of mind, which stands in the way of fair and non – judgmental practice.To do this we will use the PCS model of analyses; it is worth noting here as each level is often embedded within the other.It is difficult to separate and individualise each one, but being aware of their existence and how they might interact with each other can only empower the individual practitioner.In any society there are differences between people and people are categorised within society by their differences, the three major ways society is divided are class, gender and race.There are however further sub divisions on the basis of other factors such as disability, age and sexual orientation.C refers to the cultural level of shared ways of 00027057 seeing, thinking and doing.It relates to the commonalities, values and patterns of thought and behaviour, an assumed consensus about what is right and what is normal; It produces conformity to social norms, and comic humour acts as a vehicle for transmitting and reinforcing this culture.


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