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As the term glass ceiling implies, the barriers that limit these individuals are not immediately apparent but are tantamount to bumping one’s head against a glass ceiling.The opposite term, glass escalator, refers to men’s more rapid upward movement in organizations, suggesting a gender bias.Since this time, numerous scholars have examined the glass ceiling without developing a clear definition for the term.

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However, as awareness of this issue increases, the glass ceiling is showing signs of cracking.

Higher degrees of pay equity have been achieved in many professions and more women are entering into the upper echelons of management in the organization.

The importance of this concept is that it implies that minority group members experience greater resistance to their advancement as they climb their organizational ladders.

Although the experience of career impediments is common for all minorities, the patterns differ depending on minority group membership.

In particular these authors argue that the following criteria are essential to defining the glass ceiling: With a basic review of how the glass ceiling has been defined and conceptualized in the literature, it is now possible to consider what has been noted about the impact of the glass ceiling on women.

Although both broad and specific methods for defining the glass ceiling have been developed, a precursory overview what has been written on the impact of the glass ceiling shows a wide range of variation.

In order to begin this investigation, it is first helpful to provide a review of how the glass ceiling is defined and conceptualized in the scholarly literature.

Paper Masters writers that have investigated the definition of the glass ceiling report that the term originally appeared in a article in 1986.

Background and Significance: This section provides further justification of the need for your study.

If your project examines a The Glass Ceiling drawn from your work: References: You cannot use your texts as your primary source of information.


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