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Sure, I have had times when I got mad at my parents for ordering me around, but I know…

In August 1992, moose hunters discovered the body of a young man in an abandoned bus deep in the wilderness near Alaska’s Denali National Park.

He just did not like being told what to do all of the time.

His parents were only looking out for him and trying to teach him how to live a good life.

Sean Penn took a different spin by not telling some of the important details, and then putting others in that weren’t in the book.

Some of the dialog from the book is in the film but not to fully.

Andrew Durazo Expository 5/11/15 Into The Wild Reading the novel, "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer and then watching it in a movie format by Sean Penn, there were obviously similarities and differences even though the film was adapted from the book.

The story is mostly the same from the book and the movie about Christopher Mc Candless’s journey into the wild and his death that became of it.

The notebooks and the walls of the bus itself are filled with quotes and musings scrawled by “Mc Candless pilgrims,” as the residents in nearby Healy call them.

More than 100 of these pilgrims come annually, according to one local’s estimate, and Diana Saverin wrote about the phenomenon in Outside magazine in 2013.


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