Essays On Lord Of The Flies Civilization Vs Savagery

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By blowing the conch Ralph can call a meeting whenever he likes, to discuss issues and give orders. In conclusion, Ralph as reason and leadership, Jack as savagery and power hunger, and the conch as authority and order are an important make up of the allegory of Civilization vs. Ralph brings the boys together but gives them all their own power.

“Ralph sat on a fallen tree trunk, his left side to the sun. Jack reverts to savagery and wants all the power for his own and the conch gives Ralph the power to remain chief.

“We’ve got to have rules and obey them,” (Golding, 42). Now that Ralphs source of power has been destroyed there is nothing to stop Jack from being chief.

Ralph insists on having rules on the island and at first Jack agrees with him although his jealousy for Ralph’s power drives him to constantly undermine and disobey Ralph and his requests. The conch was the only thing holding Jack back, for people still obeyed it.

Savagery is among the strongest interpretations based on considerable supporting evidence. He runs a democracy where everyone votes on issues and he is willing to take everyone’s opinion into consideration.

Ralph represents reason and leadership while Jack is savagery and the hunger for power. He believes that as long as they stay civilized they can easily survive, live in harmony, and eventually be rescued.

The destruction of the conch shell at the scene of Piggy's murder signifies the complete eradication of civilization on the island, while Ralph's demolition of The Lord of the Flies-he intends to use the stick as a spear-signals his own descent into savagery and violence.

By the final scene, savagery has completely displaced civilization as the prevailing system on the island. Many of the problems on the island-the extinguishing of the signal fire, the lack of shelters, the mass abandonment of Ralph's camp, and the murder of Piggy-stem from the boys' implicit commitment to a principle of self-interest over the principle of community.

is the conflict between the human impulse towards savagery and the rules of civilization which are designed to contain and minimize it.

Throughout the novel, the conflict is dramatized by the clash between Ralph and Jack, who respectively represent civilization and savagery.


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