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Yubaba illustrates several characteristics of a bourgeoisie one being her exploitation of her workers in particular Yubaba capitalizes Kohaku (Haku) and Chihiro (Sen) by taking both of their given names in exchange for working under her this causes them to forget their origins and identity making it easier for her to use them as she felt fit. Anime in general speaks to many issues and situations we experience on a daily basis.

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It is mostly unconscious and it appears in everyday human’s daily lives.

Cinema is one of the medium that people can be exposed.

Animation fans all over the world love the films of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, but animation fans in China have never, until very recently, been able to see them on the big screen.

Part of the problem has to do with the sensitivity of Chinese authorities to what sort of media enters the country — especially media from a country like Japan, with which China has not always seen eye to eye.

What they don’t see is that Hayao Miyazaki is one of many anime directors that have encoded a hidden message in their productions such as Spirited Away, and it is up to the consumer to take notice and decode this message. Excerpts of Hayao Miyazaki's news conference announcing his retirement Retrieved from Suzuki, T.

Ideology is attitudes, beliefs, perceptions that commonly shared by the people in society.

"Miyazaki films did not open theatrically in China until a re-release of in December 2018," writes Indiewire's Zack Scharf, "one sign that the relationship between Japan and China is getting less tense." Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli has produced few characters as winning as Totoro — the outsized guardian of the forest who resembles a cross between a cat, an owl, and maybe a bear — and his winning over of China's censors seemed to have opened the gates to the Middle Kingdom for the rest of Miyazaki's beloved filmography.

"The Totoro release was a huge box office success with more than million," writes Scharf, "and is widely expected to perform even better given its enduring popularity." Having opened in Japan back in 2001 as 千と千尋の神隠し, or "The Spiriting-Away of Sen and Chihiro," it stands not only as the top-grossing film of all time at the Japanese box office, but one of the several undisputed masterpieces among Miyazaki's works.

All beings can be called Kami such as river, woods, or even human beings (Ono and Woodard 6). They regard Kami as an object of worship in Shinto religion.

Throughout the film, it can be seen that many elements of Shinto aspect is subtly embed.


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