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Without computers companies will find it difficult store thousands of records that are made on a daily basis.

Take for instance, what will happen to a customer checking his or her balance, or one who just want to have information on transactions made.

In the field of medicine, pharmacies, will find it hard in determining the type of medication to give to the many patients.

Computers have also played a role in the development of democracy in the world.

However, the use of computers has generated public discourses whereby people have emerged with different views, some supporting their use and others criticizing them (Saimo 1).

To better understand how computers influence the lives of people, we will have to start from the history, from their invention to the present day.Many of the cures found with help of computer technology would not have been developed without computer technology, meaning that many people would have died from diseases that are now curable.In the entertainment industry, many of the movies and even songs will not be in use without computers because most of the graphics used and the animations we see are only possible with the help of a computer (Saimo 1).Today votes are counted using computers and this has greatly reduced incidences of vote rigging and consequently reduced conflicts that would otherwise arise from the same.And as we have already seen, no one would have known anything about space because space explorations become possible only with the help of computer technology.Companies nowadays use a lot of data that can only be securely stored with the help of computers.This data is then used in operations that are computer run.In the job sector, many of the jobs require knowledge in computers because they mostly involve the use of computers.In short, these machines have become so important and embedded in the lives of humans, they have hugely impacted on the whole society to the extent that it will be very hard to survive now, without them.Man has been able to see into the future and plan ahead because of computers.Life today has been made easier with the help of computers, although some people may disagree with this, but am sure many will agree with me.


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