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This makes the poem accessible to children and adults alike.There is a lot of repetition in the poem: the word 'Tyger' is repeated in the opening line, and the first stanza is repeated (with a slight alteration) at the end of the poem the words 'What? The repetition of these words and the questioning creates a sense of awe and wonder.By the time of his death in 1827, Blake had produced a large number of drawings, engravings, poems and articles in prose.

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He was born in London in 1757 and between the ages of 10 and 14, he attended a drawing school in the Strand; after this, he began a six year apprenticeship in the art of engraving.

Between 17, Blake was a student at the Royal Academy School and began to make a living as an engraver.

The collection was first issued as one volume in 1794.

The Songs are in the style of popular songs: hymns, ballads etc.

In Songs of Innocence the language is simple and repetitive; the lines are kept short and the rhymes are obvious.

The rhythms vary, combining different kinds of metrical foot - iambs, trochees and anapaests.A childlike vision is conveyed through Blake's clever use of speakers with their varying perspectives and questions.The poems reveal particular states of being and ways of seeing which the author is not saying are the whole truth.Blake began writing this collection of poems in about 1790 whilst living in Lambeth, London.These years were fertile years for Blake and relatively prosperous.Blake really explores the contradicting stakes of innocence and experience. It just shows that there is more then one side of God. The Lamb from Songs of Innocence and The Tiger from Songs of Experience demonstrate these contradictions excellently, effectively and very well. Blake began to make the acquaintance of several writers and artists including some political radicals such as Tom Paine and William Godwin inspired by the early democratic and egalitarian ideals of the French Revolution, he soon began to write profusely himself.He produced an extraordinary series of long poems now called the 'Prophetic Books'; these were based on visions he claimed to have had.Songs of Innocence is a collection of poems that see the natural world without fear. These poems are about a safe world, in which children can have the confidence in the beauty of the things in the world. William Blake is referred to as many things, including poet, engraver, painter and mystic; but perhaps he is most famous for his poetry.


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