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The extra credit (EC) feature in Gradebook can be enabled (1) at the item level or (2) at the category level.

The extra credit (EC) feature in Gradebook can be enabled (1) at the item level or (2) at the category level.For more information on adding items/categories to the Gradebook see How do I set up my Gradebook? When you designate an item or a category as Extra Credit, those items are not added to the total "out of" value for points possible in the Gradebook.They also can’t believe that I give review sheets for exams complete with sample questions that I copy and paste into the actual exam.

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Those items will be considered optional within the category and therefore would have no effect on the overall grade outside of the category.

A Gradebook item can be designated as Extra Credit, either when it is added How do I add items to the Gradebook?

Yet I find consolation in the fact that, over 21 years of teaching, students have routinely told me that my classes are some of the most intellectually rigorous and emotionally demanding courses offered at any of the universities where I’ve taught.

Understandably, professors are all over the map on the issue of extra credit.

Extra Credit indicates "bonus" items, or optional credit.

Note: It is important that you DO NOT make individual items extra credit within an Extra Credit category.Things get a little more complicated when you have weighted categories.You can still specify individual items as extra credit within weighted categories, but the overall percentage grade is not a straight-forward points calculation.In this example, there are categories only (no weighting) in the Gradebook and one of the categories has been designated as extra credit.Any items placed into the Extra Credit category are automatically omitted from the total points possible for the course grade; however, any points earned for those items are still added to the total.If students earn points for extra credit items, those points are added on top of the total grade.However, no points will be deducted for students who do not receive a score for extra credit.Including Extra Credit, a student could potentially earn 105% of the total grade.In the Student view, while none of the scores have changed from the prior example, the course grade percentage is now 105%, instead of 115%.Instead, all of the items within each category are averaged together, and then each category average is weighted by the designated amount.For example, if you have 3 regular assignments and 1 Extra Credit assignment in an "Assignments" category that is worth 40% of the total grade, the points for all 4 items (e.g.


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