Fallacies Of Critical Thinking

Only, things change, and if you’re not flexible you’re going to end up broken.That doesn’t mean that tradition is wrong, but neither does it mean that it’s right.

” Then you realize you heard that from a spokesperson on a TV commercial.

It’s important to only trust a person in authority if they’ve earned that trust because they’re knowledgeable, experienced and skilled.

A red herring is something irrelevant that is raised to deflect attention.

It’s used all the time in lazy filmmaking to mislead the audience, and it’s often found in an argument to distract one from making a good decision.

This might seem unlikely to impact business decisions if you work for an organization that hires only the best and the brightest.

That might be the case, but there are going to be team members who you personally don’t connect with, even though they excel at their job.But just because it’s coming from your boss, doesn’t necessarily make the argument correct.But the argument from authority doesn’t need to come from a person in the organization who literally has authority over you.Reporting tools and surveys can help you collect the necessary data to avoid hasty generalizations.The classic ad hominem fallacy is when the listener attacks the person who is advancing the argument and ignores what they’re actually saying.We’re told to respect authority, which is not inherently a bad choice, but it can lead to the logical fallacy of an argument from authority.Naturally, if your boss is making the argument, you’re more likely to listen and believe it to be true.We give people authority all the time for little to no good reason.Have you ever been at the supermarket and picked up a product, thinking: “I hear this is great!To support the viability of the project you sample a small group to gauge their interest in the product. But maybe that group is geographically predisposed to liking that product.Perhaps they live by a river with great trout fishing, and your product is a new-fangled lure.


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