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Some financial planning services require considerable back office work, such as when an estate plan is made and net worth statements and cash flow analyses need to be prepared, but most involve minimal back office attention and considerable face time with the client by the partner or expert.People in business need to make a living, accumulate funds for their retirement, and generate profits to distribute to the owners and invest in the business for future growth.Improving cash flow helps businesses grow, pay their employees, attract investors, and have available funds in case of an emergency.

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It’s important for small business owners to identify their short and long-term financial goals.

However, the lines between these objectives can get blurred, and individuals may compromise planning for their children’s education or retirement in favor of expanding their business.

Many Americans have the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to start their own small business.

These individuals often use their own resources as initial capital and may sacrifice personal finances in order to grow their companies.

The work is not scalable, systematized, or commoditized; it cannot be performed by lower-level staff; it does not employ uniform processes; and it cannot be done using artificial intelligence or robotics.

Many of the planning services involve meetings, either in person or remotely, between the firm and the client.Creating a will and family trust will ensure that an individual’s personal and business assets are properly managed in the event of his or her death.If a business owner must leave his or her position within the company, a business succession plan will enable a smooth transition in leadership and address many tax and financial matters.Another often overlooked way to finance a small business is through customer pre-sales or subscription services.A small business may not be financially viable because it’s unable to generate enough revenue to cover expenses.Financial planning as a generic title encompasses family budgeting; helping a client establish goals and a plan to achieve them; planning for children’s educational funding; compensation planning; retirement and estate planning, including family liquidity, postmortem, and estate tax planning; IRA, 401k, 403b and pension distribution planning; elder care planning, possibly including bill paying services; planning for someone who is terminally ill; insurance coverage; asset allocation; assistance with preparing an investment policy statement; evaluating investment performance, including the asset manager’s performance; investment and risk management; tax preparation, compliance, and planning; and, if the client owns a business, succession planning, buy-sell agreement planning, and exit strategies.As a specific term, it involves reviewing an individual’s overall financial situation and goals, as well as considering the security they will need when they are no longer actively employed, and then helping to achieve those goals.It is also a specific term that relates to a single service that is performed.What can CPAs provide in this field, and how is a business established around financial planning services?Businesses also need to establish a sustainable cash flow stream and be somewhat leverageable.Those firms engaged in financial planning have staff-to-owner ratios much lower than those in similar-sized firms that perform traditional accounting and tax services.


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