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You are thus constantly immersed in a process of translation, at times going on at length to explain to others that you aren’t that different, but at other moments struggling to explain you aren’t quite the same either." "One day, in college, I finally realized that it was desperately useless for me to be dating guys, because I actually liked girls.And for the first time, I found myself in a relationship with someone who knew exactly as well as I did how much the business of hair removal sucks." You can also read this essay in French.I get that theories are complex and sometimes arduous.

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"When you lose a parent as a child, you don’t have a lot of memories to choose from.

You cling on to the precious few that you have, and then you start to panic when even the edges of those get fuzzy.

Everywhere, domestic couplehood is emphasised as the happy way for women to live.

Indeed, the only way to live." "Suddenly I’m the one that’s no longer 'normal.' My rolls of fat aren’t 'normal' because I’m not comparing them to the perfectly chiseled stomach of an extremely famous model, but to something a lot closer: the perfectly chiseled stomach of my third-floor neighbor, who I ~casually~ found on Instagram." You can also read this essay in Spanish.

Already a vast empire, the French government and its highly centralized bureaucracy disfavored policies that would have nurtured the economic independence of its colonies. Although few settlers escaped the hardships, by far the sturdiest members were those who had accompanied Iberville from Canada. In an effort to instill vitality into Louisiana, King Louis XIV granted a proprietary charter on September 14, 1712, to the merchant and nobleman, Antoine Crozat.

Further, the French treasury, depleted by wars in Europe, was unable to finance adequately the Department of the Marine, which oversaw colonial operations. Louis XIV, King of France, Lettres Patentes du Roy, Qui permettent au Sieur Crozat Secretaire du Roy, de faire feul le Commerce dans toutes les Terres possedées par le Roy, & bornées par le nouveau Mexique & autres, 1712. The royal charter afforded Crozat exclusive control over all trading and commercial privileges within the colony for a 15-year period.

Since the earliest settlers were never furnished with adequate food supplies, they frequently resorted to scavenging for crabs, crayfish, and seeds of wild grasses.

Few farms developed along the banks of the Mississippi or along the sandy coast.

"Objectively and relative to a vast majority of Indians, they aren’t 'poor' at all. These are the metro-dwelling twentysomethings who’ve internalised the pressures surrounding them, and spend a majority of their salaries on keeping up the lifestyles and appearances that they believe are essential to earning those salaries." "If you have to fiercely fight to build a home in a place where you have had to start completely from scratch, where you’ve had to redefine and reconstruct creature comforts, that becomes your home.

Your independent, away-from-everything-and-everybody home. Not to sound like an Instagram quote, but you really do become your own home." "One of the hardest things to hear from my family is that who I am is too hard/complicated/messy to understand. There’s a lot going on in language, our political movements, what we need to be considered equal and good enough: numerous intersections that can’t be dismissed.


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