Freud Dream Analysis Essay

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Since the human organism is very well organized and nothing within it happens without a reason, Freud asked himself what was the meaning of dreams. But how did Freud get to be interested in this specific inssue?

In the session in which he listened to his patients, he often came across people who would tell him their dreams, even if he did not make a request in this direction. This made him realize that potential importance of dreams.

The thesis that Freud proved to demonstrate through his analysis of dreams was that dreams represent key factor in understanding what happens in the subconscious.

It must be also be mentioned that his analysis of dreams was not limited to the cases of the people who suffered from mental problems, but included cases of healthy people, as well.

He declared that the interpretation of dreams could be used as a tool in the processes of psychoanalysis, together with practices of hypnosis ad free association.

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While this may have seemed unusual at the end of the nineteenth century, the practice has become common in the meantime.

The sexual dimension was a key factor in his interpretation of dreams, as most symbols encountered during sleep were of this nature.

For example, he state that the number three is a symbol of the sexual organs belonging to the man.

In order to understand what a dream's meaning is, we ought to interpret it.

But which criteria should we use in order to perform a proper interpretation?


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