Gcse Crucible Coursework

This research will help us understand how to build on the strengths of the current qualifications and to identify the skills that students need to progress to further study in drama and theatre.

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The difference between the two figures is the humus content, which can be expressed as a percentage of the mass of fresh soil sample.

It is usual to measure for soil humus content after you have measured for moisture content, so that you have figures for the mass of fresh soil and also samples of dry soil.

If using a furnace, place the crucible and dry soil into a furnace at 550°C for 15-30 minutes, until all the humus has been burnt off.

Or if using a Bunsen burner Using a tripod and gauze sheet, heat the soil sample in a crucible above a full-flame Bunsen burner for 30 minutes to 2 hours, until all the humus has been burnt off.

You will need One person fills the infiltration tube to a standardised level (e.g. The other starts the stopwatch, and then record the water level every 30 seconds.

To maintain water pressure, person 1 should top up the infiltration tube if their water level falls below a certain point (e.g. Person 2 should make a note of when this is done, so that it can be taken it into account when they are calculating their infiltration rate.

The characters in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, are based on historical figures who lived in Salem at the time of the famous trials for witchcraft.

Despite their historical basis, and the fact that the characters share the same fates as their historical counterparts, these figures are fictional creations.

You get to choose performance texts that best suit your students, their ability to access the work, their interests and their skills.

We’re working with the teaching community, higher education and subject associations to design our new qualifications for 2016.


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