Graduate School Admission Essay Samples

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Since I was a teen, I’ve always wanted to improve access to assistive technologies in all underserved communities.

That’s why I want to develop accessible and affordable adaptive technology for children with special needs in educational settings. Its focus on different needs of disadvantaged communities and the use of technology to improve the lives of people in need align with my interest in using skills to help others. It wasn’t until reaching the high school that I decided to dedicate myself to improving and developing assistive technology. My brother needed the support of specific educational programs.

My sincere hope is that graduate education at this university can set me on the right path toward my future academic and career pursuits.

At the moment, I consider a few possible directions for my studies: What is my personal goal?

Along with gathering letters of recommendation, taking exams and submitting transcripts, prospective graduate students typically have to write personal statements to include with their applications.

The personal statement is an oft-elusive element of the grad school application, but it fulfills a specific and significant need in the eyes of admissions committees.

That’s why your personal statement should highlight the most unique things about you that don’t appear in other places of your application.

You should find and read successful graduate school personal statement writing examples to get a deep understanding of what to expect when completing your writing task. Meet all of them, respond a given prompt or focus your personal statement on a central message, and show why you’re an excellent candidate to the chosen program.

While I can’t make a statement of knowing my entire life plan at this early age, I’m sure that it will involve books.

I started attending my college for undergraduate studies. I was lucky enough to have a few odd jobs: There were some jobs that stood out, including my editing position, blogging experiences in a non-profit theater, and freelance. They all dealt with something I liked, which is getting to the core of things and dissecting different texts.


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