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Expert knowledge is required for all elements of the comparison, not just for the cases the researcher is familiar with.With regard to comparisons between the ancient Mediterranean and ancient In practice, historical comparisons inevitably rely on a mixture of different approaches.BCE) and by the creation of the Persian empire (6th c. BCE, the Mediterranean had come to consist of five principal warring states () and an otherwise largely tribal periphery.

Expert knowledge is required for all elements of the comparison, not just for the cases the researcher is familiar with.

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Their third variant, macro-causal analysis, employs comparisons for the purpose of making causal 1979).

New theories are constructed from the convergence or absence of features and consequences.

Systematic comparisons between different imperial systems need to be grounded in appropriate methodological premises.

Recent surveys of comparative historical studies allow us to distinguish between different ideal types of comparative approaches.

Unlike parallel demonstration, which tends towards repetition, and contrast history, which tends to be more descriptive than explanatory, macro-causal analysis obviates the need to provide coherent narratives and makes it possible to focus on what is needed to address specific explanatory problems.

More recently, Goldstone (1991: 50-62) provided a succinct manifesto for comparative history.

The search for causal explanations of historical events lies at the heart of comparative studies.

Given background variation, the main questions are which factors were crucial to observed developments, and how different contexts could produce similar outcomes (or vice versa).

Recent macro-historical work has highlighted independent parallel movements of socio-cultural evolution in different parts of the globe (Diamond 1998).

More specifically, historians of the more recent past are showing great interest in comparative assessments of Europe and 2000).


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