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Dans le cas de la politique de santé aux Etats-Unis, cette expertise scientifique reste proéminente aujourd’hui, comme en témoigne l’adoption de l’« Affordable Care Act » en 2010.This paper investigates the ways in which evidence about the U. healthcare system has been produced, evaluated, and translated into healthcare policy. Although academic economists may generate policy recommendations through their research, it is not trivial to translate such findings into actual policy implementation. health economists in the postwar period, which led to both successes and failures in informing policy.And though all three modes played a role in the influence of health economics on policy, this case study emphasizes the importance of the cognitive infrastructure that health economics provided.

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Ensuite, l’importance croissante de l’infrastructure cognitive mise à disposition par le domaine de l’économie de la santé a peu à peu, jusque dans les années 1990, apporté une « façon de penser économique » à la politique de santé.

Cette étude de cas documente plus généralement la façon dont l’expertise scientifique est opérationnalisée dans la société.

The data collected through these efforts would give healthcare policy an empirical granularity previously unseen. Even early on, in the 1910s and 1920s, progressive reformers proposed various policies, including state-based compulsory insurance or group medicine“modest ideas, but enough to raise opposition, and the term ‘socialized medicine’ was born” (Hoffman, 2009).

Healthcare has caused a long history of heated debate in U. At the center of the early advocacy for health insurance was the American Association for Labor Legislation (AALL).

S., has remained salient up to the present with the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

Cet article examine la façon dont les études sur le système de santé aux Etats-Unis ont été produites, évaluées et traduites en termes de politiques de santé.First, the character of the research conducted by economists became increasingly dominated by a “neoclassical” economic perspective, and this would establish and shape the character of health economics as well.Secondly, an ecosystem of health research emerged through various committees, organizations, and institutes, with patrons from the private sector, public sector, and academic institutions.L’argument principal de cet article est qu’il y a eu un changement dans le mode d’influence principal de la science économique.Jusque dans les années 1960, cette influence était exercée essentiellement par la nomination de certains économistes à des positions de conseil.The establishment of economic policy devices refers to tools that produce knowledge and make the economic visible (such as GDP, inflation indices, or unemployment rate), as well as tools that assist in decision making, such as cost-benefit analysis or guidelines to assess the effects of mergers (Hirschman and Berman, 2014).The main argument of this essay is that there was a shift in the dominant mode of influence of economics, from the institutional position mode being most important through the 1960s, but replaced by the increasing importance of the cognitive infrastructure provided by the field of health economics by the 1990s.The key characteristic of this mode of influence is particular economists in powerful positions either making policy or giving advice to those who determine policies.Examples of economists in influential positions include the Council of Economic Advisors, and economists serving as the head of central banks or transnational institutions such as the World Bank or International Monetary Fund.Finally, moving beyond the direct decisions of powerful individual economists to economics as a field, refers to the use of either an economic style of reasoning or policy devices to make decisions.The economic style of reasoning includes shaping how problems are defined and approached, which can be used by policymaking elites.


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