Her Kind Anne Sexton Thesis

The third stanza immediately made me think of joan of arc, though.Just a thought.| Posted on 2011-05-09 | by a guest .: :.

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She has been through a lot but it seems she finally decides to cast off the chains society has placed on her and embrace her illness.

With her not being ashamed to die, she is essentially saying that she is not ashamed of what she is, almost flaunting it, "waving [her] nude arms".

By saying, \"I have been her kind,\" Anne admits the many different sides of her and woman like her.| Posted on 2010-08-14 | by a guest .: :. I see it as being about the hardships placed on woman and the expectations society has of her.

Post partum depression is certainly called to mind with the feeding of "the worms and the elves".

She is calling attention to herself as she goes through what is similar to a trial by ordeal.

With this liberation, however, I believe comes the end of her social life, the end of her fascade.| Posted on 2010-02-27 | by a guest .: :.

I see this as a description of the woman that were outcasts in their society.

The first half describes a woman who is so different from the stereotypical women of Sexton\'s time.

For each of us they are different, yet each of us show similarity in our travels.

Some of us never leave the caves and conform without growing as an individual and without enlightenment of our minds.


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