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The key to writing an essay worth reading is writing an essay that has not been written before.

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I ride because it isn’t easy to navigate a creature with a mind of its own around a course of solid obstacles, but in that perfect moment when horse and rider work as one, it can be the easiest thing in the world.

I ride for an affectionate nose nudging my shoulder as I turn to leave, searching for a treat or a pat or murmured words of praise.

throw that out the window because it’s nothing but a one way ticket to Snoozeville not only for you but for anyone tasked with reading it.

The biggest mistake students make when writing an essay is that they forget who their audience is.

Dre Beats X headphones (approximate retail value $99).

The winner will also be featured in the College Find Me monthly newsletter and on the Scholarship Winners page.The mother, a short woman with dark hair, went to the heart of the matter. Knowing what a big deal it is to a teenager to signal a need for comfort from a grownup, and knowing how much parents long to know their kids' feelings, I felt as if my concerns had been answered and that this family might struggle but would be fine.But the 11 months since then, last October till now, have felt more like two or three years, with all of us holding our collective breath.Though I'm a teacher at Gunn, I didn't know this family or the student.I wanted to know how things were going for them, during that difficult time. But I notice that, when she knows I'm in the kitchen, she finds more reasons every so often to make a trip out to the refrigerator." The mom looked at me as if that said it all, and it did.Let’s say that your topic is to discuss an extracurricular activity that has played a large impact on your life. When asked what extracurricular activity has had the largest impact on me as a person, I immediately thought of student government.A lot of times students are tempted to write what they think the admission committee want to hear. “’Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’ These famous words were spoken by John F. In this essay I will discuss how student government has impacted me as a person by growing my leadership skills, developing my social connections, and making me take academics more seriously.” “I don’t ride for blue ribbons or Olympic gold, although I respect and admire those chosen few who do.They write the essay they think that the admission committee wants to read when in reality it’s an essay that the committee has probably already read a million times. When approaching your admission essay, think of it this way: when the admission committee begins reading your essay they’ll view you as just a number, but when they finish it you want them to view you as an individual student. It’s simple: don’t write the essay you think an admissions committee wants to read, write one that YOU would want to read.If your own essay bores you, it’s highly likely that it will bore everyone else. He encouraged me to get into politics which is why I joined student government.She received her MA in Education from the Stanford Graduate School of Education in 2014.There are 16 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.


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