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If you read books in which they interviewed geman civilians you will see that the russian professional army that was first troops they meeet where much different from those that followed; who were bascailly a mob really that raped ;plundered and murdered.I came across this fantastic book entitled "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth" that goes into such truthful detail about the upbringing of the girls in the League of German girls.There may have been isolated cases of compassion shown, as I believe Lehmann brings out in his book, but fanatical German resistance made the Soviets pay a heavy human price for victory.

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I'm not sure I can satisfactorily answer any of your questions, but I may be able to point to some sources of information. At sixteen, Lehmann was one of the Hitler Youths serving as a runner between Hitler's underground bunker and the Hitler youth units deployed around Berlin. Although indoctrinated and brainwashed into Nazism at a young age, Lehmann later denounced Nazism, moved to the US and became an activist and spokesperson for peace.

The only book I have read about the activities of the Hitler Youth Volkssturm (home defense force) is one given me by a friend titled "Hitler's Last Courier" by Armin D. Of the accounts I have read of the Soviet assault on Berlin, little quarter was given regardless of age or gender.

Tony Le Tissier has been a prolific writer on the battle of Berlin and one book that might be of interest is one titled "Death was our Companion: The Last Days of the Third Reich." I believe that book details the activities of the Volkssturm in the defense of Berlin. His take on it was "It was like the Boy Scouts" They were basically taught to spend alot of time in nature and to exercise.

They were also indoctrinated into German supremacy.

At first, Adolf Hitler was indifferent toward the youth of Germany, from a political perspective at least, since they could neither vote nor join the Nazi Party.

But at the urging of his supporters, he came to understand the huge potential of Germany’s young people as future standard bearers of the Reich, and the boys as future soldiers in the Wehrmacht.

Lehmann indicates that many of the captured young members of these units were sent to Soviet prison camps and some never returned.

He also alludes that there were girl counterpart units in the Volkssturm, but I don't believe he elaborates on it.

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