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The next morning four crew members, led by Captain Oram, escaped through a hatch using breathing apparatus.

The next morning four crew members, led by Captain Oram, escaped through a hatch using breathing apparatus.

HMS Thetis’s hull was clearly visible as it was above the water line, and it would have been a simple task to drill or burn into the hull to rescue the people inside.

In fact it was recently revealed that the admiralty would not allow this as it would permanently undermine the strength of the sub, and it must have been a conscious decision that those inside would perish.

Toilets and refreshments will be available at the ferry terminal.

As the floral tributes are laid at Woodside, lifeboats from Moelfre, Llandudno and New Brighton will be casting theirs on the water at the site of Thetis’ foundering.” archaeology art collections community competition conservation contemporary art exhibition exhibitions get involved history international slavery museum john moores painting prize lady lever art gallery learning liverpool maritime history merseyside maritime museum museum of liverpool painting photography social history sudley house walker art gallery world museum We try to ensure that the information provided on our blog is accurate and that appropriate permissions to use images have been sought.

This Group 1 T Class submarine was experimental, and with the loss of 99 sailors and civilians she sank on 1st June 1939.

Thetis was a very early submarine in the days when submarines were very much a new concept, and it was being prepared for the war that was expected to follow in the near future.Thetis was raised and salvaged a few months later and saw service in the Second World War, having been recommissioned as HMS Thunderbolt.She was lost with all hands in 1943 and thus she became one of the few military vessels to have been lost twice with her crew.On her very first dive she took on water and sank suddenly to the seabed.Through the night the crew worked doggedly to raise the vessel and were able to lighten the aft section enough to allow the stern to break the surface.Derek told me that “donations came almost exclusively from the general public, mainly from the Merseyside area.This Sunday, during a short ceremony, the memorial will be unveiled at precisely 1pm.On the 3rd of September 1939, the day that Great Britain declared war on Germany and her allies, the submarine was towed to and grounded at Traeth Bychan beach.The bodies were then recovered from the submarine and either buried in Maeshyfryd Cemetery in Holyhead, or repatriated to their next of kins, It was subsequently repaired and re-launched as HMS Thunderbolt, only to be torpedoed and sunk on the 14th of March 1943 with all the crew losing their lives.Yours appears to be (as you say) the only complete list of casualties so it might be of interest to anyone researching them to know about the Birkenhead Priory/St Mary’s memorial. Nowhere on the internet have I found a complete list of the casualties, so I am putting the following table here, which I believe to be a true record of those lost.The only anomaly in my list is that I have two casualties with the surname Smithers, the one in the table with no age does not appear on the memorial.


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