Hobbes Egoism Essay

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"Major universities have been founded, hospital and medical centers have been built, and social change agencies have come into being" (Russo 1991, 1).

Philanthropic gifts of time, talent, and treasure may result from complex motivations (ranging from the feeling of satisfaction that one has helped another to the tax-deduction gained from a financial contribution).

Today's culture reflects an interest in self-improvement, self-esteem, and self-gratification.

The "X-generation" has also been called the "Me-generation," as rampant consumerism focuses young people on immediate gratification and reflects no example of community responsibility or consideration for others.

Ties to the Philanthropic Sector Theories of egoism attempt to explain human motivation; understanding what motivates one toward serving the interests of others is key to understanding giving and philanthropic activity.

The American spirit of giving has been expressed in concrete ways over the past two hundred years.

Historic Roots The concept of egoism is rooted in the tradition of Greek hedonism.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus (342-270 B. E.) asserted that our life's aim should be fulfilling our moral obligation to pursue pleasure and avoid pain.

The assertion that people act in a purely egoist manner has several problems.

Taken in the most literal sense, egoism can easily be proven false.


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