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However, in this case, two apparently disparate elements are chosen, because of the relationship between animals and humans, but the point where they converge is finally highlighted, in order to be able to create an argument that responds to the author’s interest.

Finally, the author of a sample compare and contrast essay can choose two elements that appear to be similar but demonstrate their clear differences during the development of the essay.

And anyways, you can totally port over the rules in this article to a longer, single-essay test. Before we get to the nuts and bolts of essay-writing, remember that professors want to see that: With these mindsets, let’s get into…As soon as you open your test booklet or get the question sheet, resist the urge to start writing right away.

Put down your pen, pick up the sheet, then read each prompt carefully.

I mean, exams are already a huge source of anxiety…essays, too?

This means that you actually have to think; you can’t just circle “B” for each answer and hope for the best.

If the prompt is detailed, you might even want to highlight or underline points.

Depending on how many points a question has and how difficult it is for you to answer it, decide on how long you’ll take on each question.

Next, a description of the nature of each of the parts in which the structure of the Comparison and Contrast essay can be divided: This part will be addressed in the first paragraph.

In these lines, the author will comment on his intentions, as well as the elements that he will proceed to compare and contrast, without making explicit reference to the relationship he will establish between the entities to be compared, in order to really surprise the reader.


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