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Says consultant Chuck Shinn: "[Builders are] wed too closely to current trades and vendors." Maybe it's time for a trial separation.

Says consultant Chuck Shinn: "[Builders are] wed too closely to current trades and vendors." Maybe it's time for a trial separation.

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Sales training hits to the heart of selling your homes.

Take a good, hard look at your sales training: can your sales team demonstrate the home and its products? If the answer is no, then it's time to retrain your sales team. If your entry-level options are appealing more to the empty-nester crowd, reconsider your customer profile and act accordingly.

Stuart Teicher is senior vice president and general counsel of the Teicher Organization in East Brunswick, N. The company develops residential and commercial projects throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Starting a construction company is an excellent way of enjoying long-term returns on investment.

Keep the lines of communication open both to and from the management level.

You'd be surprised how responsive your employees will be if you keep them in the loop.The dynamics of land and home building are quite different, says Shinn.Too many firms "subsidize inefficient home-building operations with land appreciation." Land is a very liquid asset; don't dry up your cash reserves by keeping your land and home building operations in the same bucket."Trades and supers haven't been asked for input on what they need, nor is there a scope of work for architects." Be kind and refine. has been a consultant and industry educator since 1975.He has a doctorate in business management and has improved the management skills of home builders to increase their profits, quality and customer satisfaction.Direct construction costs, not profits, are the only variable in the pricing formula."There is more money bled out on the ground in the community start-up process — from signing a land contract to opening the first model for sales — than anywhere else in home building," Sedam says.If you're starting a new community, conduct a true value-stream analysis on your startup process and then create a sensible, streamlined process and thoroughly implement it.If your third-grader can read your construction drawings, you've got some work to do.Lack of details and no consistency leave a lot of room for error and interpretation, says Shinn.Provide clear direction and they'll be yours forever.Would you want your next CEO to come straight out of high school?


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