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Beowulf is probably the oldest surviving long poem in Old English.

Beowulf is probably the oldest surviving long poem in Old English.

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He won battles against invasion by the Danes, and he improved England’s defences and armies.

Alfred established a strong legal code, and began the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles as a way of recording annual events.

Canute knew this wasn’t true, but he also knew that he’d have to prove it to stop his courtiers saying such things.

Canute had his courtiers carry his throne onto the beach, by the surf, and Canute commanded that the tide stop coming in.

Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon heroic poem (3182 lines long!

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) which tells us a lot about life in Anglo-Saxon times (though it is not set in England but in Scandinavia).He declared himself the first ‘king of the English’ because he won battles involving kings in the surrounding kingdoms, but their dominance didn’t really last after Offa died.Offa is most remembered for Offa’s Dyke along the border between England and Wales – it was a 150-mile barrier that gave the Mericans some protection if they were about to be invaded. Many people were pagans and worshipped different gods who oversaw different things people did – for instance, Wade was the god of the sea, and Tiw was the god of war. Augustine came to England to tell people about Christianity.The Anglo-Saxons minted their own coins – they made different designs that were pressed onto the face of a coin, so archaeologists who find those coins today know when they were used.The coins changed depending on the region where they were made, who was king, or even what important event had just happened.View All Our Workout Videos Our community forum is a great place to share helpful workout and nutrition information and cheer each other on.Share tips, challenges and triumphs, results and progress with Fitness Blender members from all over the world.We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income or access to a gym.That's why we offer hundreds of free, professionally built workout videos, for every fitness level and goal.There are nine versions of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles still around today – this is because copies of the original were given to monks in different monasteries around England to keep up-to-date with information about the area where they lived.Nobody has ever seen the original Anglo-Saxon Chronicles that the copies were made from.


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