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At the same time, when we do see that technology can improve teaching and learning in a powerful way, we need to harness that power and make it available to all children.Doing that, on a national scale, would truly be an equity game-changer.Within the educational technology industry, there are companies that don’t always carefully consider how their products might affect different student populations.

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Youth from low-income homes often lack access to reliable technology and the internet at home.

So giving out online assignments may require students without a computer or internet access at home to stay after school or visit a library to complete web-based assignments, which may not always be possible.

Simply log in and assign, Flat World will do the grading for you.

Flat World authors are involved in ensuring that the questions specifically match the pedagogy of the textbook.

Nightly online homework, monitored by a teacher, may help to close achievement gaps.

Rather than hastily introducing educational technologies to schools, we should test new digital tools to ensure that they are effective and help all students.The use of technology is growing in schools, but we’re missing critical opportunities if technology isn’t being used to close the pernicious achievement gaps between students of color and their white peers and between low-income students and their more affluent peers.While we’ve seen limited, and not necessarily linear, progress on the race gap, the income-based achievement gap has been particularly stubborn, and research suggests it is widening between students from the poorest families and those from the highest-income households in the United States.As a computer scientist and a former middle-school math teacher, I believe strongly that we can marry the promise of new technology and evidence-based instructional practices to address inequities in our public school system.One area where this can happen now, if schools take the right steps, is with online homework tools.We designed this tool from the ground up to be instructor-friendly.It’s a formative test bank that’s easy to set up, with no training required.Our Homework System includes questions in the form of graphs, choice matrices, fill-in-the-blank, image and graph labeling, and more.You can manage Flat World Homework through your institution’s Learning Management System or use the interface as a stand-alone system.Related: The ‘dirty secret’ about educational innovation The National Center for Education Statistics reports that Native American/Alaskan and black students have the lowest rates of internet access at home.As individual schools and districts consider digital policies and practices, it makes sense for them to take note of which students lack access to a laptop at home and prioritize getting those students a computer.


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