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Be aware of the real time investment of your activities.Going to a party on Friday night means that you won't get a block of work time on Saturday morning (sleep) and it means that your block of work time on Saturday afternoon will be shit (hangover).Likewise its ok for you to take off Friday and Saturday nights to let off some steam...again work-life balance, it goes both ways.

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volunteering, sports, clubs) and the weekends for partying.

If your friends are partying every night they are overdoing it.

But in the end the choices land squarely on your shoulders, just make the best ones you know how. I wish you the best of;dr 1)Make a hyper-specific plan to get caught up. Just until you get caught up, after that it's easier.3) Once you're caught up, make a maintenance plan that schedules your time to account for incoming assignments. Write it down.4) Budget social events into your maintenance plan but remember that school work should be a priority if you want to live a stress-free life.

Nah, they need to set aside enough time to get their homework whatever that means for them. Once they're all caught up on their work then all the rest of their time is fun time.

But then, before we realize, a project that at first seemed manageable now appears next to impossible to complete. Even if you you work well under stress and pressure in college, you probably still feel the overwhelming sense of anxiety that accompanies procrastination, whether or not you meet that looming deadline.

But if you want to break your procrastination habit, you can. All you need is a solid support system and a few clever productivity tactics to keep your self-discipline and focus in check.

The amount of time you get to budget towards fun will be different from everyone else you know based on the courses you're taking and the amount of time it takes you to complete the course work.

The amount of time you get to budget towards fun will vary from term to term.

You should be putting in 35-40hrs/week if you are a full time student or about 2-3x as many hours outside of class as you spend in it.

I also tried to stick to keeping my weekdays for school and extracurriculars (e.g.


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