How To Write A Business Plan For A Coffee Shop

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Scones, biscotti, muffins, seasonal quick breads and cookies should be part of your coffee shop description.

However, if your atmosphere is designed to encourage people to linger in your shop and socialize, offering an expanded menu will increase your sales and profit.

Yet, a large and varied selection may draw more customers.

When writing the description of your drink offerings be sure to cover the following topics: If you are operating an establishment with a traditional coffee house feel, you may keep your food offerings pared down to some basic "goes-well-with-coffee" favorites.

If you are looking to attract a niche market by offering vegan or gluten free products this will be a key component of your business concept.

Again, be sure to describe how your coffee house differs from other stores in your area by offering a unique menu.For example, "The Daily Grind Coffeehouse will feature a comfortable environment to relax, work, and meet friends and business colleagues.Seating for 40 patrons, at both small tables and in several living-room-like settings with chairs and sofas, will encourage guests to stay and socialize."Include atmosphere inspiring details such as decor featuring work from local artists, live music on the weekends or sponsored book club gatherings.While the words "coffee house" put more of the focus on the beverages themselves, a description of a cafe will place equal emphasis on the types of food offered on the menu.The types of coffee drinks you choose to include on your menu could almost be endless as new products, ideas and methods of brewing and serving coffee come into the marketplace.The next step is to describe the business concept and how your business will meet a need within the local market place.Be sure to include in your coffee shop description how your business will fill an untapped niche in the local market.One of the more important pieces of business advice new business owners receive is to take the time to write a detailed business plan.If you are planning to open a coffee house, writing a business plan will force you to think through all the important details necessary for setting your business on the road to success.For instance, perhaps your area has a number of national coffee shop chains or small coffee and doughnut shops, but there is no place to comfortably relax and meet friends or colleagues over coffee or a light meal while drinking hand-crafted coffee or other specialty drinks.Explain how your coffee house will not only be a spot to get great coffee, but also be a community gathering place.


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