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I graduated from high school in 2013 and recently graduated from Brown University in 2017.During high school, I was in the IB program, but I also took a few (around 3-4) AP classes.Talk to your counselor about any potential waivers or other student aid that you can opt for.

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For instance, Stanford gives 10 quarter credits to a score of 5 or higher on IB Chemistry exams; the AP Chemistry exam only renders 5 quarter credits, and you must receive a top score of 5 to get the credit.

They also accept far fewer IB scores compared to AP scores.

Because the IB program is rare, universities generally will not penalize you for not taking any IB courses.

However, if you haven’t taken AP or IB courses despite both being offered at your school, colleges may question why you didn’t take the most academically-challenging classes available.

For instance, AP Music Theory, Studio Art, and Geography are accepted for college credit, whereas IB Music, Visual Arts, and Geography are not.

Luckily, your high school may offer some financial aid for these exam fees.Although my college courses were harder than the IB courses, I was already accustomed to balancing multiple hard assignments at once, finding time for my interests and friends, and not letting myself get burned out.Ultimately, IB vs AP is a personal question, dependent on a lot of factors.Make sure that your choice doesn’t impede on other parts of your high school career as well.Remember, college isn’t just looking for an impressive transcript – they want to see you as a student who also strives to push himself academically.In other words, AP classes often correlate directly with specific classes, while IB classes may not.You may be wondering what the “SL” and “HL” next to each IB course means. As the name suggests, the Higher Level option will be a more academically-challenging course than the standard one.After completing the IB program I was the only applicant from my high school to be accepted into my first choice, Emory University in Atlanta, GA. The rigorous course work and multiple 18 page papers definitely prepared me for college. Unlike other students, I didn’t have to learn this in college and it gave me a definite advantage.Today I have my masters in Nursing and work as a nurse anesthetist.If a student does come from a school that offers both IB and AP, we want to see that the student is taking advantage of that rigor, regardless of which program she uses. (We will recalculate a GPA if we feel that courses have been over-weighted or under-weighted on a transcript.) Furthermore, if a student commits to graduating with an IB diploma when it is available, we know that student is prepared to take full advantage of her education in college.I took the pre-IB classes 9th and 10th grade and started the actual IB program in 11th grade.


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