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This labyrinth of caves under the glacier in the crater is one of the places the Park Service has limited data." Florea points out that the mountain's hydro-geothermal system has created the complex system of caves, which form as heat rises from the volcano's depths and melts the base of the ice cap that fills Rainier's twin craters."The mountain has 14 glaciers, and all are melting.

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See cave pictures and read about the latest cave discoveries and speleological research below.

These caves are remote, dangerous and undocumented.

Various microorganisms may get energy to live by feeding from materials in volcanic rock.

"These caves are an extreme environment for life," Florea says.

Caves are famous of their dripstone features called speleothems, the most well-known of which are stalactites and stalagmites.

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Many of the strange creatures found in caves have adapted to live in near or total darkness — some are blind to visible light.

We collect data under their remote guidance, following their strict methodologies. As much as we need and appreciate our grants, they do not cover all of our expenses.

There are only a few grants available for our specialized work, and sometimes we even compete with our own scientists for these funds. Even if we get them, we might not find out until late in the game.

Our projects require the same level of care, detail and planning as you'd find on a Himalayan expedition.

As we've become more successful with our expeditions, scientists and others have expressed more interest in our research.


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