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According to Greenberg the challenges to diversity are communication, resistance to change, and implementation of diversity in the workplace (2011).

Communication is important because people speak many languages and there may be language barriers that can affect how people understand each other.

They self segregate in a neighborhood like Chinatown and Little Italy (Schaefer, 2011) because the cultural patterns in that area are similar to their own.

As I see it, cultural diversity is the blending of these groups, not to create one homogeneous group, but to work together with different experiences and points of view, to create a better society.

The Difference between Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and inclusion are two different things.

According to Harvey and Allard, “being “inclusive” means that diverse employees feel that they are vital contributors to the organizational mission, not marginalized or tolerated” (2009, pg. Everyone’s ideas, viewpoints, and skills are put to use to meet the goals of the organization.These dimensions affect which cultural, ethnic, or other groups we identify with as well as our social circles.Inclusion is a way of bringing these culturally diverse people together in a common way.The difference between diversity and inclusion is identified as well as the importance of diversity training within the workplace and how workplace culture is affected by diversity.Thinking about Diversity and Inclusion There are many dimensions of cultural diversity.People tend to live and socialize with others similar to them in lifestyle and culture. Many of my friends are military or former military people. Most are Catholic/Christian, but a few are Muslim and Jewish.I think the strongest tie that most of us share is either our military service, or our spouse’s service. Being in the military is like living in a small town or city.Racial groups, religious groups, ethnic groups, gender groups, and cultural patterns.These groups then form subordinate and dominate groups in society (Schaefer, 2011).People become a “family” when they have no family around.They understand each other’s circumstances when those who live outside of the military lifestyle do not.


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